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“To date, the Newstead Trio has released five CDs, mostly for the small Prince label, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Consisting of American violinist Michael Jamanis, Canadian cellist Sara Male and Chinese pianist Xun Pan, the group’s recorded repertoire has ranged from Mozart to Piazzolla.


Just in time for Mendelssohn’s 200th birthday, they’ve released a disc of the composer’s two piano trios. This is well-trodden ground: the Beaux Arts, Florestan, Borodin and many other fine groups have recorded this repertoire – and in the face of such abundance the value of this recording is questionable. On the other hand, it can be argued that it’s brave and admirable for a yet another ensemble to record such well known repertoire, as it invites comparison with the best.

ReviewsWith this in mind, I’m happy to say that with this new disc, the Newstead musicians have clearly demonstrated they can play this music as well as anyone. From the opening of the Op. 49 Trio in D Minor, it’s apparent that they’re at home with both the Classical and Romantic qualities that co-habit Mendelssohn’s scores. Balance and ensemble are exemplary, and throughout the playing is marked by a strong sense of direction. Some of the most expressive playing on this disc can be heard in the second movement of the Op. 66 Trio in C Minor, which for some unfathomable reason remains the lesser known of these two works.”

Whole Note Magazine


“This was artistic performance at its best. The music flowed, the instruments sang, delicate passages were handled with nuance, passionate sentiments were movingly portrayed.”
Columbus Dispatch

“Clean and expressive. The glow on the surface of this ensemble’s playing goes well with this sweet rhapsodic music.”
American Record Guide

“I find the performance of my Episodes by the Newstead Trio excellent from every point of view. All the tempi are right, the different moods come across strongly and the sound and ensemble playing are absolutely first-rate. The Newstead Trio is a fine group and should have a brilliant career.”
Robert Starer, Noted American Composer

“These three… phrase with remarkable unanimity, their interplay a breathtaking blend of individual and group virtuosity.”
Newark Star Ledger

“I enjoyed hearing and seeing the Newstead Trio perform; they were, beautifully great. I think the Gershwin Trio written for them is an exceptional achievement.”
Edward Jablonski, Author of “The Encyclopedia of American Music” & “The Gershwin Years”

“Evocative and expressive”

“a musical ensemble to be reckoned with .excellent soloists .as well [as] . the talent to perform together as an accomplished ensemble”
Intelligencer Journal

“This fine group [is] a special delight [with] just the right verve and humor.”
Robert Sherman, Young Artists Showcase, WQXR

“Their playing was assured and polished throughout, with a fine sense of cohesion and unity.a standing ovation after their sparkling performance”
Guelph Mercury (Canada)

“incredibly rich playing… truly virtuosic!”
Beijing Daily (China)

“The performance was extraordinary!”
People’s Daily (China)

“The Newstead Trio is composed of three gifted players who make lovely music together. They perform with fine ensemble, youthful energy and a warm and thoughtful musicality.”
Arnold Steinhardt, Guarneri String Quartet