Outreach Programs

The Newstead Trio believes that if chamber music is to continue growing as a musical genre, then professional chamber musicians must continue to serve as teachers, coaches, role models and ambassadors of their discipline. The Trio continues to reach out to their surrounding community with creative classes, programs and workshops.

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Meet the Music

For Elementary Interactive workshops introduce students to various instruments through demonstration and hands-on experience. Students are encouraged to participate, since the performers have a set of instruments suited for the students.

Music of the World

For Upper Elementary, Middle & High School This presentation is geared toward larger groups and could be held in an auditorium. Short excerpts of musical works are performed through the perspective of their geographical and historical place of creation. The program can be customized to tie in to the current studies in the school's history and/or geography classes.

Max Goes to the Zoo - A Musical Storybook

An original script written by the Newstead Trio, "Max Goes to the Zoo" is a rhyming story about a young boy's imaginary trip to a zoo. Students are introduced to several musical terms. As Max encounters each featured animal they are encouraged to predict, describe and discuss the characteristics of the musical portraits.

Music and Art

In this program, students are encouraged to create works of art in conjunction with the music performed. The complexity of the musical selection is determined by the age of participating students. Teachers or administrators are given a wide range of repetoire from which to choose from for the class performance. This program is geared to provide enhancement of creative skills with both visual/aural stimulation and imagination. This program can also be adapted to incorporate the art intructor(s) from the participating school. In this instance, a work of art is created on stage while the Trio performs, providing a tanible creation for the event.

Master Classes

For Middle & High School Master classes involve coaching chamber ensembles or soloists in an interactive "open lesson" setting targeted towards advanced students of music. This program is utilized best in conjunction with a performance by Academy musicians.

Lectures and Demos

Presented to various audiences and is an effective means of introducing either general or specific topics related to playing and performing chamber music.

Outreach Programs
Outreach Programs

"Overall, my staff and I thoroughly enjoyed our week with the Newstead Trio. We presented them with a challenging week filled with diverse audiences and they expertly displayed their passion for chamber music to each one. Throughout their residency, the musicians performed in a local elementary school gymnasium, several dorm lounges, recital halls and even the living room of a campus house. They encountered musical neophytes, bright-eyed preschoolers and serious students of music. Michael, Sara and Xun were accessible and charming and did wonders to show audiences that chamber music (whether classical or contemporary) is a vivid genre, alive with the human spirit. Bravo to the Newstead Trio for their outstanding educational work."

Joe Clifford
Outreach & Arts Education Manager
Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College

Outreach Programs